Currently we are building up a body of work for our 6th online exhibition which goes live in a couple of weeks. We have been working hard to get pots to various places that need them and to get pieces together for this and we are almost there. The photographer is booked, the pots are mainly not still lumps of clay though there are a few exceptions. We are trying not to work ourselves into the ground this year, we’re not as young as we were, but it’s hard when you absolutely want to give something your all. We are always looking at the pots that we making and working out how they can better, what the next batch will have that this doesn’t. It’s an important thing to do for us, we don’t want to be repeating things exactly the same for ever. We may, and indeed often do, revisit forms or decorative patterns but they are always worked with the knowledge of the last time, a fluency perhaps that has evolved through the making or the profile of the piece altered slightly to give more grace or more fullness of belly. They are never exactly the same as the last time and the intuitive learning can only come by moving clay through your fingers time and time and time again.

The exhibition, Fitch and McAndrew Online VIĀ will go live on our website at 7pm GMT on Friday 12th November. We are happy to ship worldwide and can get quotes together for you if you are interested. The pots will be put together in an online catalogue along with images of the workshop, the pots in process and hopefully small films of the pieces too. All the pots will then be listed in our online shop here on the website.

When I write it like that it seems so straightforward, fingers crossed it will all happen smoothly with no technical hitches.