Long time no blog

To those who read our blog on the odd occasion that we actually get the opportunity to update it, thank you. It’s a regular conversation that we need to use this more but of course time is always the thing that is in short supply and inevitably this falls by the wayside.

Large plates slip trailed with flowers inspired by a small William Staite Murray vase. Image credit Shannon Tofts.

We are however busy making pots. We have had the realisation that Pippin starts school in August so our days of being able to down tools and head off for an afternoon picnic in the woods or a paddle at the loch or to build castles at the beach are becoming limited. So we have made the decision to grab those opportunities whenever we can while we can. They are, as everyone tells us, only small for such a short period of time.

We have just taken part in The Ceramics Congress, an entirely online event run over about 4 days, 24 hours a day, none stop pottery and clay wonder. We are hooked on it! We produced a film for the event which was, we only now discover, the opening film of it. The Congress is full of pre recorded demonstrations and workshops by a myriad of fabulous users of clay from around the world each followed by an hour or so of live Q and As with the makers. This year had Felicity Aylieff, Slava Leontyev Ukraine, Steven Edwards UK, Jin Eui Kim UK, Gedion Fernadez from Peru, KC Adams Canada, Craig Underhill, Ann Van Hoey Belgium, Rodolfo Sanchez Fierro from Mexico, Takeshi Yasuda UK/Japan. Oh honestly I would be here all night listing them all, each one passionate and generous in their sharing of techniques, tricks, traditions, materials and tools.

The Congress films will all shortly be available to find on The Ceramics School website where you can pay to view one or join and watch all as and when you fancy. Once that is all up and running with the 2021 films I will try to post the link on here too.

Now we are working hard to make new pots for Potfest by the Lake, a new Potfest show which will be held at Compton Verney in Warwickshire on June 25th, 26th and 27th. This is a brand new venue to add to the lovely Potfest family. We are looking forward to and somewhat nervous about our first physical show since November 2020, 20 months ago! For anyone interested in visiting Potfest by the Lake, or any of the other Potfest shows, tickets must be booked in advance (Covid of course) and can be booked on the Potfest website, link above. Pippin has been working hard too bless her.

We have lots of new pots ready to pack up and bring with us. We hope to see some of you there.

Trio of large applied decoration jugs. Image credit Shannon Tofts.