Post Potfest Post

Well, we only went and did it. Our first in the flesh as it were pottery show since November 2019. Potfest by the Lake at the beautiful Compton Verney was a joy. Thank you immensely to Matt Cox the organiser and all that were involved in the setting up and running of the show. The stands were placed in such a way that people weren’t having to stand on top of each other and yet we were able to converse with potters and public alike and catch up on much missed social interaction.

Charger For Our Times II. Photo credit: James Hazlewood.

To all of you who visited the show, a sell out on each day, thank you for supporting it and all the potters that attended it with your interest and custom. We can’t keep making pots if people don’t buy them and we are always grateful and appreciative of those who enjoy what we do. We sold a lot of pots and even delivered a late decision purchase once we were in Devon after the show!

A section of our display. Photo credit: Wendy Kershaw.

The kids had a lovely time there, space to run about, places to explore, people to talk to and in Pippin’s case, pots to sell. She had been making a whole batch of pots that she wanted to sell at the market and decided to give the proceeds to the local food bank in Castle Douglas. She raised £70 which is wonderful and we will take her to deliver it next week.

We had a couple of days in Devon after the show, to visit the big boys, Luke and Joe. A joy to see them with the little ones and great to see the pair of them too. Then back home to a garden that has turned into a jungle in the time we have been away and a making list a mile long as we have been offered a space at the next and most local Potfest show at Hutton in the Forest, just down the road by Penrith. By local I mean it’s an hour and a half away but frankly that is close. We are looking forward to it, we have been showing at Potfest in the Park for a number of years, in fact Hannah has been doing Potfest shows in Penrith since 2003 I think it was. It will be lovely to be going back again.

Tickets for Potfest in the Park are again available online now, please book in advance to make sure you get your spot.